Sharing grief, opening to receive comfort

xammi-griefFrom childhood, keeping a stiff upperlip, not crying in public was taught to us. so much so we confused empathy with pity.

The time I lost my father, the time I was recovering from my burns, these were moments that caused me feel shock and sadness, the first thing I did was to withdraw from life. It was as though the being withdrawn would keep me protected from the world. It was only when attended the Louise Hay workshop did I realize  that it was important to reach out to those trusted and precious people who care about us the most.

many times, others experience and perspective can give us additional information that we need. The universe sends us a message through various channels, we can receive the message only if we are open to receiving it.

the people to who opened and shared my grief I found I had greater bonding with.  I could bond with the person going beyond my defences and prejudices.  when the outer facade cracked I was both fresh and raw at the same time, my colleagues in  Louise Hay workshop walked me through that phase of life.

They were definitely not people who expected to see, but they were the people who were there, or rather I allowed to be there for me. so were the groups at my Landmark for curriculum for living, I learnt to trust the universe, others, and to a great extent my own strength and resilience.

The sharing allowed me to let someone help me carry it. that in turn helped me process my own inner thoughts and feelings through the filter of trust and affection. It took me a while to work the feeling of being guilty, or selfish as if I was unloading my burden on someone who was already dealing with their own challenge. Yet I know if the roles were reversed, I would be there for them, and their protests would seem pointless.

sharing hopes and fears, joys and pains meant we accept the universe’s gift of wisdom and loving care.

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