IFFI at my backyard.

DSCN8389IFFI 2014

It is actually happening at our back yard.  .

Anyway we did receive the passes for IFFI inaugural. I am not an IFFI person, the GALF is more my cup of tea.

Still there was a kind of excitement, vibrancy and festivity out there. women dressed in the trendiest ware, The show was studded by the  pantheon of stars, the BJP fraternity both visible and closet on display.

The high lights were

Excellent oratory by Mr.Amitabh Bacchan, extremely well researched presentation. Was like a quick review of the journey of Indian cinema.

The humbleness of the superstar Rajini, and the simplicity of the man as he received the centenary award for his contribution to cinema. It was amazing to see teenage kids clapping out in delight.

A fumbling ex-CM of Goa who started off in Hindi, and ended with Konkani. He of course drew more claps than Mr.Bacchan or Mr.Rajnikanth.

The elegant Raveena Tandon,DSCN8388

Sloppy dancing by Shobhana and her troop.

Anupam Kher was the biggest let down, his rendering of asathoma sadgamaya sounded “acid toma sad gumya” he does not seem to know the difference between vasudaiva kutumbakam and vaasudeva kutumbakam.

Then the usual, the number of passes exceeded the number of chair,

BJP overlords, have promised their underlings that Goa will be a permanent venue for IFFI, so the infrastructure has to created at Dona Paula,  so might as plan the funeral for whatever remaining forest and greenery we have.

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