We needed a revolution.

election2014Since May, we find that emotions are ridding high.

The Nehruvian, elite still busy Modi bashing they are relentless and focused.

The Sanghi’s wear their blinkers and focus only on their goals and agenda.

We that are perched on the fence are yo-yo-ing. And pretending to deliver issue based judgement, yet when I look back on the elections and the post election euphoria it is no doubt as Sanjay Baru called the re-inventing of the Indian republic.

The truth is  we have become cynical and defeatist in all walks of life – we needed an revolution.

Liberty will not descend to a people, a people must raise themselves to liberty, it is a blessing that must be earned before it can be enjoyed. – This is engraved on the north block.  The truth is the Brits transferred power to the brown sahibs, the anglicized, culture adrift deracinated Elite, look the reign.

What we heard this election was the villages and urban settlement truely become part of one country. whether we like it or not  we accept that our umbilical cord is buried in the earth of the same political entity.

This has been hard battle, …the success of our democracy depends in the end, on the reliability of judgements that we the citizens make,  hence upon our capacity and determination to weigh arguements and evidences rationally.

All this while we heard one story, we saw what was shown to us from one side of the stand.  But democracy requires citizens to see things from one another’s point of view, but instead we are more and more enclosed in our bubbles. Decomacracy requires a reliance on shared facts: instead are being offered parallel but a separate universe. one for the elite, and one for the sanghi and one for the little fool perched on the hedge.

citizen journalistThe day we  as citizens say “What does it matter to me ” the it state maybe given up for lost. Freedom isn’t free.  May be it time stopped saying “Oh! I don’t get involved in politics,” as that makes us somehow cleaner. No, that makes us derelict of duty in a republic. Lairs and panderers in a government would have a much harder time if so many people didn’t on their right to remain ignorant and blindly agreeable. For Gods sake we are citizens and citizenship has responsibilities.

We have okay, dispensed our political duty, now can we focus our responsibility to our environment, our social health and ensure that our representative in the political arena does what he is there for.

People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.”
― Søren Kierkegaard

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