Figuring out– Airbnb


I am playing the devil’s advocate and am on a fault finding spree kindly read this with a sack full of salt.

I guess bnb stands for bed and breakfast.

When this happy hour came by since I was absolutely depressed and wanted some entertainment I decided to look into it. Here’s what the site side, that Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for to list, discover and book unique accommodation around the world—online or from a mobile phone.  Maybe writing this verbatim is plagiarism, but bear with me. Since I am off to Satara for a weekend, I decided to look for something there. What pops up is Lonavala,

The invites us to explore the site since I was curious I did so, but guess what once you click how it works button, it’s a dead end.

Now here I am looking for a place for the weekend, I am unable to find one, if the site told me sorry we don’t list your location I would have had respect for it.

Hayes before you browse the site it is sign up is mandatory; I do not see why I should hand in my email ID to unless I know I shall utilize the site.

Anyway since I am the process of exploring the site and what it offers despite the disappointment so far let me move ahead.  My personal list is silk route, and frankincense route neither seem be there. Such that I can plan something. Anyway since site promises stay and not travel planning I shall go by it.

Let’s forget satara and look at the more popular Hyderabad yes now the site redeems itself with little trial and error I might be able to locate a convenient place to stay considering I go to Hyderabad, every month for three days, this might be a good idea to work with.

I need to figure out

  • How put in the filters
  • Once I put the filters in how do I alter it?
  • How does one judge the bath requirement?
  • How does one find out if washing facility is available, TV and Wi-Fi are mentioned by washing machine is not.

The site is very helpful in coaching the hosts on responsible hosting, but somehow guest behaviour is not mentioned.

Moving on to the favourite list, I finally sign on the site as I found a listing that I have been dreaming about—

  • The underground house it really four houses, two that really drew my attention
    • Portland
    • Geyserville CA
  • Redwood tree house at santacruz mountains California
  • Igloo la plagne France

brandlogoYou are redeemed,  I shall whole heartedly refer you to my friends for listing the bnb for seven ancient wonders of the world, I am planning turkey in July so now I know where to look for accommodation,.

From what I gather it is great for people who visit destination on periodic basis, like my second weekend of every month at Hyderabad.   Explore the sites using the link —

Will try out the site and let you know more.


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