Figuring out– Airbnb

after staying at Papaya homestay in Ahmedabad I have kind of changed my opinion. Airbnb is a good idea

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I am playing the devil’s advocate and am on a fault finding spree kindly read this with a sack full of salt.

I guess bnb stands for bed and breakfast.

When this happy hour came by since I was absolutely depressed and wanted some entertainment I decided to look into it. Here’s what the site side, that Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for to list, discover and book unique accommodation around the world—online or from a mobile phone.  Maybe writing this verbatim is plagiarism, but bear with me. Since I am off to Satara for a weekend, I decided to look for something there. What pops up is Lonavala,

The invites us to explore the site since I was curious I did so, but guess what once you click how it works button, it’s a dead end.

Now here I am looking for a place for the weekend…

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