Growing Pains

bhudha bhoomi (4)Growing Pains

Difficult times, I feel maybe help us grow and learn.

To maintain a positive attitude and have faith is difficult. It is easier to give up and get into the poor me, victim mode.  Maybe because we equate love to only positive and goodness,  so if the universe loves us,then only good happens.

After each major disaster in my life the way I have evolved and re-invented myself I have begun to accept universe as a wise mother who knows what my soul needs to thrive better, what is the exact challenge I need to find that untapped energy in me. this trust has allows me face adversities, i only wish I could be more graceful about it.

When I set out on this journey to enduring, healing and overcoming, I realize that this period of history was not about people who are moaning about difficult times, it was people who face adversity and move forward to overcome it. I was not the only one, the universe is tapping the energy within us to evolve into the next phase and think differently.

Dealing with pain as I was physically healing, I would tide over telling myself this too shall pass. Though early days of recovery… the attitude was this too shall pass so why bother, slowly this became my very strength to re-invent myself.

Yes when the feeling that nothing was going right for me, I had to examine my life and see if there was some changes that I had to make to alleviate some difficulties. Gentle and non-judgemental exploring revealed things  that I was holding onto, and that I needed to release, there were unprocessed emotions, unresolved transitions.

Yes every moment will pass, but modifying things that we can change and surrendering what we cannot was the biggest challenge.

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