folk art1Have you ever noticed that seemingly unrelated things suddenly seem to work into a pattern. There is no clear cut reason for this to happen. But this is synchronicity, — the simultaneous occurrences of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible casual connections.

At the landmark forum, I sitting next gentleman. When we were asked to form groups we did our group had 4 women and 2 men. We were asked to pick a buddy, everyone pivoted towards the youngest participant a 21yr. Bubbly boy. The gentleman next to me stepped back. At that moment it occurred to me that I should reach out, over the course I realized he was dealing with a wife who had attempted suicide, he was in my space so that I would not go there. That’s when it hit me right on the face, that there is synchronicity.

On the face of things events seem to be random occurrences and result of coincidences, but if we can listen to things carefully, we realize that the universe is listening to us, I mean the real inner us, and gently communicating with us. as we learn to pay attention to and link the things that occur on a daily basis can be a way for us to become attuned to the fact that most everything happens in our lives for a reason—despite the fact that they are not clear.

Once we notice, and acknowledge that things often go more smoothly than we can ever imagine, it allows us the skill to reflect on the patterns in our lives. Events that might not at first seem to be related to each others are indicators that the universe is working with us and not against us.

The idea of synchronicity, calls us to trust the fact that there is more to our lives than what we experience on a physical level. We need to willing to look more closely at the bigger picture, accepting and having confidence in the fact that there is more to our experience than what immediately meets the eye. Being open to synchronicity also means that we have to understand that our lives are filled with both positive and negative events. Once we can recognize that one event is neither more desirable nor better than the other—they all have an overall purpose in our lives – then we are truly ready to listen to the message the universe gives us.

There is definitely an everyday sort of magic—the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like. The eerie appropriateness of moments of synchronicity, the whispered voice, the hidden presence when we think we’re alone. We are never alone; we are eternally connected with everyone.

We may not really be able to see everything thing in our lives as being synchronous, we can certainly use hindsight to be more aware of the universe guides us. this sense of wonder at the mysteries of the universe and the interconnectedness present in our lives will help us see our over always of being and will in turn make it easy to work more consciously towards our spiritual evolution.

“You are never alone. You are eternally connected with everyone.”
― Amit Ray

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