Energy the Omnipresent.

bhudha bhoomi (4)A professor of mine, was quite taken up with death for while, he would ask us, aren’t you worried about after death. Well, to me it is the next phase of journey. But the rationale mind understood, that the body is made for 5 fundamental energies the thermal, the electrical, chemical and the other two I have forgotten.(time to return to Indira teacher’s class).  At the end of the day the proven truth is energy is neither created nor destructed, it only changes form.

So death really did not worry me too much. But I always feel that if one wanted to find the secrets of the universe thinking in terms of energy, frequency and vibration would be a great way.

There is an undercurrent of energy thrumming through the universe like the wind or a whisper, we can sometimes hear it and often feel it. Most of the time, we sense this energy unconsciously without any tangible proof. Thoughts emotions and the life in all living things are forms of this kind of energy. So are creativity growth and change.

I am convinced that impressions, images and vague premonitions we get about people and situations are other examples of formless energy. When we enter a space and feel a tangible tension, in the air that gives us a sense of foreboding in our gut probably that is experiencing energy, I mean something fuels that the peristaltic movement in gut.

Even connection to me is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued.  A space where they can give and receive without judgement, and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship wave. Living things radiate complex vibrations while non-living things vibrations are simpler. Energy is a magnifier that can attract like energies while repelling disparate ones; whenever I see references to Shatarupa in the mythology I think this the thought that created this image.

Even when it comes to people, and circumstances our reactions are unconsciously based on the energies we receive. We may even intuitively tune into the energy of a situation we are facing when making a decision about how to proceed. With careful practise and meditation, we may be able to learn to sense the energies within other living things and ourselves. We may also be more attuned to our impact by different kinds of energy. I mean just look around the same situation can excite one person while drive another to the edge.

For some people energy can be controlled, while others see it as the unknowable force that moves through all things. The combined energy in all things plays a hand in birth, death, growth, movement or stillness. Take the example of rage—whether in reaction to social injustice, or political absurdity, or those who directly threaten or harm us – its potency is enormous – with diligent practise this can be transformed into fierce compassion. Whatever our beliefs, it may be worthwhile to explore the roles energies play in our life so we could understand and experience it fully.

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