An Eye Camp At Mudradi.

camp site at Mudradi
camp site at Mudradi

One of my favourite towns to visit are Mudradi, and Hebri the towns that would figure in my father’s childhood tales.

My father Prof. Dr.Srinivasa Rao P.N. has been an legend during his life.

An renowned ophthalmologist, alumnus of Modern high school Udupi, St. Aloysius  Mangalore , Madras Medical college,  Lucknow Medical College, he founded the department  of Ophthalmology at KMC Manipal.

patients registering them selves for check up
patients registering them selves for check up

Since those days coming to a doctor was not very popular, he took eye care to the community, through eye camps all over Karnataka, he was greatly supported by various NGO’s his staff and students and KMC.

For us all the staff and students of the “eye department” were family.

mudradi (5)Mudradi, is a very unassuming but industrious town. People are very rooted in their culture and tradition yet very progressive in their careers. Each time I meet someone there I feel so humbled. One such gentleman is Mr.Diwakar Shetty, who has a business in Bombay and he also has a charitable trust in Mudradi. This trust sponsors a school and lot of activities with the town. One of its many activities is the commemoration of the birth anniversary of Netaji Subhashachandra Bose.mudradi (10)

As homage to his idol Mr.Shetty has a senior citizen’s health camp.

The 235 outpatient patients were attended by the staff and students of KMC Manipal O.E.U institute of Ophthalmology.

The glasses and surgery are sponsored by the Rotary Club of Udupi Manipal in memory of Dr. Srinivasa Rao P.N.

Inaugural address
Inaugural address

The citizen’s health form conducted free health camp for the senior citizens.

On the same occasion the 8th and 9th children were gifted bicycles from the government.

It was wonderful see to kids taking on the responsibilities of registration, and case sheet creation. The gentleness with which the young kids dealt with the rather brusque senior citizens was also amazing.

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