Goa Blogger’s lounge.

The Blogger's Lounge
The Blogger’s Lounge

The Bloggers Event

An experience of meeting blogger or bloggers, and what made it special.

The first ever annual meet of the Goa Blogger’s Lounge, called Goa Blogs that is the single most exciting event, because it gave me palpitations, it took me through a trajectory of emotions yet we did manage to pull it through.

Meeting up bloggers I realized that bloggers are of two kinds, one socially reclusive  who would rather create content and are happy with whatever readership they have and not really bothered even if they do not have any.

The other group is aggressive and into monetizing their blogs and are on the move. They are more like reporters.

This is just my take I could be wrong. About the blogger’s meet at Goa

“Lets start at the very beginning a very good place to start with”

When you have a bloggers meet you begin with bloggers!! Those elusive creatures that inhabit the world of blogs.

2013 October, an evening at the restaurant Carasid a fellow blogger who introduced me to Indiblogger and I were catching up. During the conversation we somehow came up with the idea of having a bloggers meet, people in Mumbai ,Bangalore seem to be having a lot of with it.  We didn’t even know how to go about this, and then it was that “eureka” moment, I wrote to Indiblogger.

I am sorry Renee, but I was totally scared by the amount he quoted to have the meet. He then softened it saying that if we could have a meet they could put a shout and that was pocket friendly.

International centre goa (http://www.goadialogues.com/  ) gave us the venue,

Goa blogs
Goa blogs

We all tapped our personal contacts, and of course Indiblogger put out a message from us to the world.

On febraury first thirteen meetings later we had an official event, with two speakers and press action and the works.

It was awesome.

Thank You

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