Saying yes to the universe,

Panel depicting Mahaveera renouncing the world
Panel depicting Mahaveera renouncing the world

Yesterday we were celebrating my friend’s birthday, since all the four of us, are just a day apart, we decided to pamper ourselves something we rarely find time to do. As we got discussing I we realized that gracious acceptance is an art – something which most of us do not bother to cultivate. We are bothered about giving, we forget about accepting. What we don’t realize is when we accept another person’s gift we are allowing him to express his feelings for us.

Accepting gifts is not about greedy, or anticipating the gift in its material sense, even a box full of darkness is a gift too. Accepting is about saying yes to the universe. to open the gate o receiving what our soul really wants.

Again we think of gifts in tangible material format, but gift from the universe would mean accepting everything that life puts in front of us. we do say no to things we don’t like and yes to things we like,.

Here is the challenge I face, in a way, accepting what the universe throws is surrender isn’t it also being a looser?

My coach Hari Kotian from Landmark told me, acknowledging the existence of what’s not working triggers the process of change, the key according to him was accepting that it is not working, as I understood what he put to me, accepting meant conversing with the universe, and beginning the conversation with a powerful word –Yes

To him that hath shall be given, after all, we must have the capacity to receive or even the omnipotent cannot give. Maybe our own passion temporarily destroys the capacity, to enter a state of trust that whatever our situation is, we can work with it.  this would require confidence in ourselves, in the universe and an willingness to learn from whatever comes out way. when something that we do not like comes our way, maybe we should question ourselves to what will it take for us to get to the point of saying yes. It could be being pushed against something we cannot ignore, or it might just be a natural progression of events that leads us to making the decision.

Then the first step to saying yes is realizing that in the end it is so much easier than the alternative.. again this leaves me with a question is this not being an escapist? How does this work with receiving with an open heart, after all until we receive with an open heart, we never really can give with an open heart. When we attach judgements to receiving help then our giving also becomes judgemental.

Maybe we give and receive with gratitude. Doing the former without expectation of the latter.

Someday I shall assimilate this war within me, and be at peace.

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