Experiencing Full Release With Water Meditation.

kabhi to swach banega india.
kabhi to swach banega india.

Ocean, n. A body of water occupying about two-thirds of a world made for man — who has no gills.”

― Ambrose BierceThe Unabridged Devil’s Dictionary

My husband’s guru once mentioned that if one need strength one had to go to the mountains, but if one needed courage one needed to look at the sea. Since this is the hexagon awareness month and I am working on it, I have been looking at the river Saraswati and some things just came up.

Other than this, I have always gone to the river side to sort my thoughts, or had a swim in the water to handle anger. One of the things that did come to me was, water can allow us experience a full release.

50% of our body is water, so is more than 50% of the earth’s surface. Water cleanses hydrates, contains and produces nourishment, as when we enter it, it holds us in an embrace that leaves no part of us untouched.  Meditating with water can be a powerful way of aligning ourselves more fully with this support system that makes life both possible and pleasurable on so many levels.

The Indian system does, talk about, taking a dip in the water and saying prayers, this eventually substituted with pouring water over your head, after drawing water from the well, and now it is the shower.

For me, being in physical contact with a body of water has been kind of putting me in contact with the greater universe. It could be the intimacy of my bathtub, or the vast container of an ocean.  I might float on my back swimming in a pool or just sitting with my feet submerged in a pond or creek. I have dealt with moments of acute anger or depression by just standing under a shower.

One of my favourite healing quick fix, is I focus on my breathing, go right back to banks of river  Sita, listen to its flow, look at the visuals of my father on the tree, and listen to his voice telling me the stories, the point where the river falls down the creek creating a water fall. There seem to peace beneath the hectic surface of life, the cleansing power of a river racing through a canyon or the mood lifting melodic bubbling of a lively creek.

From there I flow right down to Barkur, where the river becomes calm, till it flows down Mabukola and reaches the sea. My first experience with the womb of the sea was when I was about eight and our boat capsized in the Arabian Sea, I remember the initial panic and then feeling of absolute security. Each time I meditate on water, these experiences return, this is so cleansing, healing and rejuvenating. After this I am ready to return to the solid ground.

The beauty of water is that it does not resist. It flows, when we plunge our hand into it, we feel its caress, it’s not a solid wall, and it will not stop us. But water always goes where it wants to go and nothing can really stop it. Water is patient, dripping water can wear a stone away, we are 50% water so if we can’t go through an obstacle we can go round it, just the way water does.

I just realized, watching water, we can learn so many things, no wonder the Rig Veda says,

Ambi tame, Devi tame, Nadi tame Saraswati.

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