Kathale Basadi

The Kathale Basadi chappara
The Kathale Basadi chappara

The kathale Basadi at Barkuru was a fascinating place for kids. My aunt’s house being right in front of us, my cousins Asha and Latha would keep a watch on the couples that meandered there are pass light-hearted comments.

kattale basadi 8-2 (2)
The Hallway long side

It was cousin Asha who would tell us about the story of Tippu sultan escaping from here. How the original Jain basadi was left to detoriate when the later kings took on

Basadi’s are the Jains worship places, the  first chappara is an open one, which a set of chappara’s to its left, these look like some kind of hallways,

The Naga edifacts
The Naga edifacts

The garba-griha or sanctum sanctorum with the yajna kund layout, and the lotus motif on top.

Interesting picture of dwarapalaka’s the guardians, they are four armed with shankha-chakra and gadha… one of the arms is chopped off, one could imagine that it either had varda haste or the Parma.

kattale basadi 8-2 (4)The Shiva temple shows a lingo that can be moved. Whether this is intentional or the result of neglect and aging I do not know. Behind this are old edifices just abandoned, interestingly two of them are Tirthankaras and the rest are nagas.

dwarapalaka at the temple
dwarapalaka at the temple

The Kathalebasadi of Barkuru is not only the reminant of Jain culture it also one of the most ancient structures of the area.  Unfortunately neither the citizens, nor the Karnataka tourism or the archaeological surveys seem to find them worthy of attention, and care.

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