Barkuru –Betaala-Vikramaditya

An interesting connect between Vikram Betal story and the place barkuru.

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the Rajyalakshmi Idol with the simhasana chowka in front the Rajyalakshmi Idol with the simhasana chowka in front

The Kondeshwara swamy gardi at Barkuru, finds its link to the legendary throne of Vikramaditya.

Once upon time lived a king Vikramaditya., we have all heard this line and the stories featuring him. The Vetala Panchvimshati and the Simhasana Dwatrimshika. These stories have found their way in various versions of  regional and Sanskrit literature.

bannikaleshwari, the guardian bannikaleshwari, the guardian

The vetala panchvimshati tell us the twenty stories  are narrated by Mahakavi Somade Bhatta  these stories are supposed to have been told to Raja Vikramaditya by the wily ghost Betaal.

The simhasansa Dwatrimshika is the tales of the lost throne, Vikramaditya which links him to the King Bhoja of the Paramara  Kings of Dhar.  The folk lore has it that each time king Bhoja tries to ascend the throne of Vikramaditya thrity two statues that adorn the throne challenge him to ascend the throne…

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Kathale Basadi

The kathale Basadi at Barkuru was a fascinating place for kids. My aunt’s house being right in front of us, my cousins Asha and Latha would keep a watch on the couples that meandered there are pass light-hearted comments. It was cousin Asha who would tell us about the story of Tippu sultan escaping from …

Bakuru temple.

Yaaru ninna hesaru barithare? Karkala Gummatarayana? Barkuru Tattirayana?”  Sri Vasudeva Acharya the geography teacher at MJC  Manipal would shout at us when we forgot to put in our name and roll number on the answer sheets. The town of Barkur has 300 odd  temples  and a zatra at the temple that is the temple fair …