Trailing a tale

found this when I was browsing for something thought I shall reblog it.

Cantadora - The keeper of stories.

A short story?  But what will I write on I wonder,Can I really write something going along the alphabet line,,,Ddefinitely worth a try.

Early during the turn of the century.

plinky A-ZFatima the shepherd girl went tending to the sheep and mountain goats. Goats particularly the mountain ones were very nibble on their feet and wander away. However each evening she rounded them up and left them at the farmer’s field. It worked well for both of them, She had a place to leave the goats and their droppings acted as manure for the farmer. Just as the sun rose her brother Khalid would pick the sheep and goats and take them up to graze. Khalid would stay with the herd till Fatima cooked  for the day and took their lunch to the mountains. Lunch though…

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