Return To creative dreams

Lakshmi -- Alakshmi my hand at drawing.
Lakshmi — Alakshmi my hand at drawing.

Returning to creative dreams,

Sometimes it is about return and reclaim.

Being a professional dancer, singer, and actor has never been a dream. Maybe heading a hundred bed hospital or a health and wellness has been yet doodling and drawing has always been a part of my life. Something I hide from people because I have always been ridiculed I or maybe because- it was treated a frivolous    somewhere creativity and abstract thinking was looked down upon in a practical hard logical mind.

After the landmark education form, when I decided to reclaim my life, took up drawing again. It started with the Rangoli in front of my house in the morning, then 15 mnts by clock of sacred drawing and 15mnts before going to bed free hand drawing.

This is a definite personal space, it is very relaxing and I find that there is a pattern in my drawing and it has a very meditative effect.  Last fortnight I have picked up embroidery. Again an form that uses colours I used to enjoy it quite a bit then too. Of course the brain does throw up stuff like I do not have time, I am too old etc. but overcoming those monsters to create in where the challenge lies.

I realized if I have the time to pick a pen I have the time to doodle or write a haiku. The obstacle rises  from a place of fear that looses power as we become creative. Each creative activity takes us deeper into the realm of beauty and magic. A realm we have the right to return and reclaim.

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