Taking our turn to give people in Need

Taking  our turn to give people in Need

Dr.Prahalad is a good friend, when he was in town we went to visit another friend .Asha, who was a kind person, but though she did not mention it she subtly kept track of various kindness she doled out, if some one helped her daughter it was because, they loved her, or because of her son’s hospitality  in farway lands whatever, but never because the person who helped liked

Her friend vanaja had another grouse, “people take help and then forget about us”

On our way back prahalad  made an observation,” many times people don’t like to interact with people who helped them simply because they do not want to be reminded of the bad times. Yet  life is so simple  if can strike the right note. All that was needed was a little give and take.”

This kind of got me thinking.  We give from a desire to feel good about ourselves, than as a connect to people this happens quite many times. Quite a few times sometimes not even taking time to see who they really are. When I say who they are I mean without as much as making an eye contact. Some hand pops in front of you and you hand in the sandwich.

When a person is in need, they are so vulnerable, full of self doubt I know this because I have been there. those times the greatest gift that I could receive is acceptance. It also made me realize that the best gift that I could give to someone is need, is to meet the person without judgment and with the awareness that I am not superior to them simply because i was not currently in their position.

When I think about it, we all began life in need of lot of care and attention and many of us end life in the same way. giving and receiving are compainion energies that take turns throughout our lives and we all get a chance to be on both sides of the exchange from time to time.

I remember my grandmother telling someone, its okay if you cannot look after your mother right now, your sister is in a position to do so, tomorrow, when she needs help you help her out, not only as a sister, but also as a daughter whose mother she took care of.  What she meant is, when we lend a helping hand to others it is more with humbleness and gratitude towards people who have helped us, not anticipating returns in the future. We don’t give to get, but we get to give.

4 Replies to “Taking our turn to give people in Need”

  1. to give & receive need to be graceful & humble to the core even if one says out ‘loud ‘ what they have ‘given’ then it should be in a graceful & humble way not with the’ twinkle’ in their the eye to Say ‘I am gr8 so have done it ‘i believe that anything can be done & said humbly & gracefully that it will/may inspire the other person do to a similar act.that is the way to carry good messages

    Have A Sunshine Day Be HappyKasturi Nayak

    Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2015 02:43:31 +0000 To: kayn123@hotmail.com

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