changing life roles.

Past week working with the intense hypnotherapy retreat, I realized that we all try to change throughout life, trying new and different things but the core of who we are is the same. To change that we need to change our belief systems

as we bob and weave with the ebb and flow of life our roles change, but our true self remains constant. As spiritual beings have a human experience we go through many aspects of humanity in one life time. Living in the material world with contradictions, labels and classifications we tend to identify ourselves by the roles that we play. Forgetting that these are these aspects shift the and change throughout our lives. But we when we anchor ourselves in the truth of our being that core spirit within us, we can choose to embrace new roles as they come, knowing that they give us fresh perspective on life and a greater understanding of lives of others.

As kids we are so convinced with the reality of the fairy tale happily ever after, that we are so eager to grow up. The truth is that life is a series of destinations, mere stops on a long journey filled with different terrain. We may need to move on through a feeling of resistance as we shift from spouse to parent, leader to subordinate, caregiver to receiver, or even local to newcomer. It can be helpful to bid a farewell to the role that we are leaving before we welcome the new. This is the purpose of ceremonies in culture throughout the world and across time. We can choose from any in existence to create our own to help us celebrate our life shifts and embrace our new adventures.

Like actors on the stage of the world, our different roles are just costumes that we inhabit and then shed. Each role we play gives us another perspective through which to understand ourselves and nature of this universe. When we take a moment to see that each change can be an adventure, a celebration and chance to play a new part, we may even be able to recapture the joyful anticipation of our youth as we transition from one role to the next.

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