Pondering over twin souls

image courtesy internet
image courtesy internet

Twin souls…

I heard about twin souls, and split souls for the first time from Dr.Yuvraj Kapadia. I then did what I do when I am challenged, read…

Soul is like the collective consciousness, a drop of which descends into the earth school for an experience. It gets endowed with mind and body, the mind would have imprints of choices and lessons from a past life.

In rare cases there could be a twin soul that is real split soul.  Walter Semkiv likens it to  the beams that fall from the same source. Further reading assures me that a soul is  made up of 12 such flames and only one flame incarnates on to this planet at a time.

With the earth’s vibration now going to 40 oscillations, Mother earth seems to be ascending to a  higher state of consciousness, so the Lord of Karma,  has allowed more than one flame to incarnate at this time, so karmic, debts, links, cords attachments can be worked through and purification occurs.

As he explained  about the souls who incarnated in Lemuria, and how these souls had a definite Karma to work through since the world was in the 7th dimensional state and therefore their karmic resolutions were not applicable to other twin flames.

The 7th dimensional state was of much higher frequency hence lighter and totally different.  the souls of Lemuria were androgynous beings. That is male and female existed in a single body.  pain, hurt and separation in form was not known sisnce there was no gender difference and the Yin and Yang being balanced meant that they were in perfect harmony with each other.

Somewhere there was an experiment which was the Atlantis and the life formed was the 5th dimensional state, this was different from the Lemurians, as the Atlanteans started making their presence felt, and interaction began taking place the androgynous Lemurians, encountered the bodily forms where there two distinct genders.

It was then they realized that the Atlanteans had something that they did not have, the sexual union, which the Lemurians felt they were losing on procreation, was not a part of their need, they could do it without physicality.

So there came High Priests who decided to experiment on splitting the androgynous form, and more Lemurians came forth for this, choice of tampering with the divine law, came with karmic baggage, sexual energy was addictive and the Lemureans did not know the secret rites associated with correct use of these energies.

The Lemurians realized they could merge with sexual union with as many other halves as they wished and they could have it with Altanteans as well, this of course came with repercussions.

This brought in the negativity in the Lemurian society, that just sent the society spiralling down, they found themselves drifting from their own half and getting sexually involved  halves that did not belong to them. this created a sense of void.

The void, is an intense sense of loss that started to haunt the souls who did split in Lemuria,  and infighting, anger, war and strife entered the world of Lemuria causing such a war that Lemuria sank right into the sea.

These souls are so much into the journey to find their true half, they need to go through so much of clearing and cleansing.

Edgar Cayce in his reading goes on to say in 106.000 BC God realized that humans were lonely so divided and pulled the feminine side  to create couples so that humans either had a feminine body or male. Whether male or female, both the beings were equal, one of half of the male body was the male consciousness while the other half was female. These energies co-exist quite harmoniously like the poles of a magnet.

Cayce’s contention is to achieve full consciousness we must reunite with our twin flame and the other half of us, for that is essential for us to start our journey back to the source, the great oneness that is the goal for all of us.

This is an entire different thought process to what we are used it, and to assimilate is nearly impossible. But on an academic plane I do find it an interesting possibility.






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