sweetening a sour apple

chikkammanora gardi (4)sweetening a sour apple

There was this time, when I used to crib that I do good to people but why does it boomerang on me?  Then my husband’s guru explained to me, that there would be that negative energy that has to be addressed, if it is not it will move into anyone in the path.

I learnt from Dr.Yuvraj Kapadia that one way that the entities get created is when we have enormous negativity off loaded and if our aura is weak it enters our space.

Another time I realized every time this particular person came into my space my behaviour would alter, again it was because I was absorbing her negativity.

Somewhere I realized we could choose not respond to negative behaviour and allow ourselves to be in our space.

Through life we encounter different people, some positive, some negative and we cannot let some to intrude into our state of being. Someone who is loud and crass can interrupt the serenity of those who come together for peaceful practise.  A disruptive worker can cause rules to be imposed that affect their colleague’s professional life; a team member who is pessimistic or highly critical may destroy the morale of their fellow members. And one bad apple can be a potent distraction that makes it difficult to focus on the blessings that we have given and the people of who love us.

It’s strange but we do tend to focus on the none happening more than the happening. There will always be people who take it on themselves to act as if they are above reproach, resulting in our life getting disrupted, fostering chaos, stamping out hope. I used to be told, don’t let their negativity effect you, and that- used to bug me even more, until I realized 7 yin-yang breathe, and focusing on my intention for the day just made me step out of the unpleasant space and the need to hit head-to-head, or express my anger or frustration in no uncertain terms, altered to putting it in a pleasant yet more assertive way.

Exercising patients being a good example, I somehow cannot empathize with all that maybe because somewhere it reeks of self-righteousness and it is necessary to state that certain unpleasantness will not be accepted in our space. Getting the focus back to intent I experienced shifted the energies from clash of personalities to a workable happening. When some things verbal assaults our personal space I realized “Its okay” does not work, because we are giving the rotten apple to manifest again, “It’s not okay but I will put up with this ,this one time seems more workable.”

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