The Bike Week

bicycleBike week

International Bike week is an annual event that originated in Europe.  This is usually a seven day even that advocates the importance of bicycle as a means of transportation. This event is slowly becoming popular in North America over the past decade.

What happens is there are city wide cycling supplemented events throughout the week. The aim of this is to give citizens of the city the opportunity to help the environment and exercise in a fun and social way.  Participants usually include professional cyclists, celebrities and individuals who choose to cycle to work.

The origin of this is a bit hazy.  As is the origin of the bicycle which was introduced in the 19th century. The bicycle has a host of innovators and inventors.  Europe is cradle of the concept bicycling as a mode of transportation and 1923 saw the preliminary Bike week. This was held in UK and a tradition was born. The event has now become a century old tradition that is religiously adhered to. North America has adopted it over the decade the exact date of this varies, but the events remains the same.

The focus of the bike week this year is to encourage people to use bikes to work.

Europe has special cycling paths carved.

In India, the only bike festival that takes place is in February and it is the Goa bike festival which is a motorcycle festival!!!

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