smell and memoryWe looked at the physiology, the biology of breathing, but what we usually don’t bother with is the fact that breathe is the connect between the within and without. Many times when we escape the mundane the best way to return to the present is through breathe.

When we actually think about it, breathing is living, breathlessness is tending to give up of living and finally when the breathing stops we are dead. We take oxygen from the environment and give out carbon dioxide which is consumed by the plants we thus play our two bit in the great energy cycle of the universe.

People who have been practising breathing have this to share.

Cleansing breath – this is something we have experienced, this is a great way to release any disturbing emotions be it anger, stress, frustration, and judicious use of this technique restores balance within the human system. Method—closes your eyes, take a deep breath through the nose with an intention to inhale positive energy and blow out through the mouth with an intention to exhale the negative energy or emotion. This can be performed till balance is achieved.

Equal breathing – this helps to stabilize the emotions and energy bodies bringing a relaxed frame of mind. This helps to combat performance stress.  Method: close your eyes, inhale through the nose for a specific count. I use a chant, and exhale with the same specific count. Repeat the cycle this can be done for 21 rounds any given time.

wowRapid breathing. This is good to handle physical fatigue, it flushes, relaxes and energies all at one go. This is also a great technique to stimulate ourselves when we have that little imp of laziness visiting us. Method: take in a deep breath, feel it right to your abdomen and throw it out rapidly. Start at slow pace and increase the speed.

Alternate breathing: this was something my Yoga instructor had taught me, and I never paid enough attention to it.  But off late I have resumed this practise and it helps the balance the flow of energy between two vital energy meridians of the system and restores the body to a state of balance. This state facilitates the awakening of spiritual consciousness lying deep within. Method: place your index and middle finger between the eyebrows; place your thumb on the right nostril and the ring finger on the left nostril. Gently close your left nostril and inhale through the right nostril. Next close your right nostril and opening your left nostril exhale through it further inhale through the left nostril. Then close the left nostril and opening the right nostril exhale through it. Repeat this for seven counts. Start the round by inhaling through the right and terminate the round by exhaling through the right nostril.

Interestingly The Sakhyamuni Gautama Buddha attained his Buddhahood, by regressing and healing forty his previous births, and he did through breathe control.


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