The Big rock speaker

indiblogger (1)There e are lots of trips out there. It’s even possible to become a conference groupie, going from one seminar to another being a beautiful evolved human being until you start making the people round want to throw up.  The networking I scratch your back you scratch mine somehow nauseates me.

As for my blogger status, well for a long time I was a closet blogger I even use a pseudonym so there. But this time when the word up came up… I thought let me attend it.

Like all conferences there was the conference kit, the sampler teased out or the goodie bag at a party you can choose to call it whatever.

goodybag (1)The ….shall we go with goodie bag contained a Mini Bluetooth speaker I am technically challenged so I did not know what it was, back in Goa my husband handled it, that’s when I really appreciated it, I  could plug in my laptop and listen to the lectures and music the volume clarity was amazing.

Next I paired it with my mobile of course the muffled patient recordings that I had, I had almost given up on it thinking I would have to redo it; they were absolutely audible which meant about 24hrs of my work retrieved.

mini blue tooth-- courtesy  .me
mini blue tooth– courtesy .me

We put in a microchip with music on, which went on well too.

The only things we have to figure now is

  • Can I receive my phone calls through this then that would make me hands free.
  • How on earth do we charge the battery?

The mini blue tooth speaker is from the company Music

Supports phone/laptop/tablet PC and Mini micro-card… has a working range of about 10m, working time 5 hours, and an output of 3w.

  • As for the other stuff, I shall get back to you maybe in a week with

Bigrock and .me are walking me through it, will get back when done.

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