win with civility

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Win with civility month.

August is also winning with civility month.

This was even more amusing than what is your legacy yet after the research on legacy yielding profound value I decided to research what this was all about. Before even venturing into the foray of celebration I needed to know what precisely civility meant, and what was the need to commemorate it at all.

Civility means polite reasonable and respectful behaviour. It defines civilizations and countries. This forms the basis of vibrant communities what we see today is increase in bullying, internet harassment. Though most diversity can be handled effectively without personal attacks.

There was this trainer who in a training forum of mixed age group used expletives, I have seen people expletives on top of their lungs when people bump into them accidently, it may not be deliberate.

Just take a tourist bus, or sit in a restaurant people are conversing at octaves on the telephones, not mention that they begin sprawling on the restaurant furniture as the conversation progresses. Then there are people who holler down the corridors of hotels, blast their android music systems in aircraft/trains. The road hogs who honk their way cutting through lanes or parking at their continence are all people who need to learn take lessons in being civil.

There is a visible decline in the civility in the society. Reasons cited when the social scientists ran a survey was very interesting.

  • Talk radio
  • College campus
  • Social networking sites
  • Road rages
  • Celebrities and entertainers—particularly reality shows

Have all been quoted as visible proof of a declining civility. In the current scenario what is considered uncivil.

  • Holding inappropriate conversations in public,
  • Discriminating in an employment situation,
  • Rudely interrupting conversation.
  • Texting while driving
  • Disturbing live performances.
  • Failing to say please or thank you
  • Using foul language in public
  • Checking your cell phone during conversations, and live performances.
  • Using technology in public.

We have all been guilty of violating these civilities some time or the other.

Apparently notable coffee houses trendy bistros have either prohibited their patrons from using Wi-Fi or curtailed the active time, now that is kind of dicey, because coffee houses were meant for writers to work. Yet I definitely feel uncomfortable if a coffee house looked like an office instead of a place to relax.

I have been guilty of situations where I have been rude, and uncivil because someone set me off, so to say, there are times when I sanity prevailed and I apologized to the person on the receiving end of my vitriolic attack. I know I need be civil not only because young people and children are watching me, but because when I send civility out I bring civility into my life.

Maybe that is the reason August is dedicated to civility, a month that is really hot, in the subcontinent the heat is replaced by incessant rain, where being cooped up begins to fray our nerves enough to test our patience and civility.

Incivility often occurs when people are stressed unhappy and rushed.   But incivility at work could result in loss of productivity as a North Carolina university studies showed. With acts of berating, badgering or bullying by co-workers or managers, time is lost in avoiding the perpetrator.  In small enterprises this could land up being toxic to the entire organization.

A university of Baltimore study reveals that having to put with incivility lead to lower work commitment to the company.  While another study showed that people having to put with incivility tend to consider changing jobs.

Doing the decent thing promotes positive interrelationships and helps work life flow better.

Being civil I realize is an art that begins at birth, and then goes on from the dinner table to the school room to interaction among friends to the workplace and on to other places where all manner of social interactions are required.

Inculcating the civil habit is so simple we start at the kindergarten level, with things like respect your parents, pick up after yourself saying please and thank you.  It’s time we start working towards not only bringing civility back to style but also in making it a life style.

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      1. one of the best out of the last 3 held in Bangalore. hopefully one day some sponsorer thinks of adding goa 🙂
        BTW do u guys meet mid week every month?

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