Hindi Diwas

image courtsey internet
image courtsey internet

This is the ultimate insult to me as an Indian… I am not Hindi I am a respectable south Indian who can speak all the five southern languages, in addition to HINDI for this day is a declaration that my language and my people are still under threat.

Of course I find the label Indian in itself rather ill-fitting.

the other day, I was at Taleigao market, buying Haldi cha paan for patoli, one young something came up and asked the vendor “yeh kattal kitne ke ” now the vendor did not understand what kattal was, and what this person was holding was a neerphanas.

The bus conductors at vasco for a while have been Bhaiyya-landers.

Every employee of Hyatt Bamboli is a north Indian and does not speak either Konkani or English.

The most recent is the courier boy from Tej courier who refused to speak anything other than Hindi so giving him directions to my house was next to impossible.

I walk into Corporation bank Manipal and an employee who has been in Manipal for 5yrs, has his colleagues speak broken Hindi to him, while the gentleman does not speak either Kannada or English.

The telecallers that give you those sales talk I know it is immaterial but they rattle off in Hindi. This becomes a nuisance when we want some information.  When these telecallers call ask them to speak Konkani or English… they blank out. The same happened in Karnataka when I told them speak Kannada or English the call was dropped. But in Andhra or Tamil nadu the same telecaller will not dare speak in any language other than Telgu or Tamil.

This is imposing of the language.

Ever since BJP has taken over the number of hoardings in Hindi have increased. Why can’t we have hoardings in Konkani? Have it in roman and devanagri  why fight over things.

At a debate that was vibrant Mr.Frederick Norohna has the point straight the threat is not from English or Portuguese, it is from Hindi. I really cannot see why the Gomata-kannada population is embarrassed to speak their language. I do not see any difference in this particular matter when it comes to Konkan- Karavali. Just check out how fanatic Maharashtrian are about their language

When a language is not spoken it dies, with it dies the history, the science and the collective knowledge of that community.  with the advent of CBSE the kids don’t learn regional history, we are only taught Moghal, Rajputs and their struggle for power, the regional history goes untold. The children learn of authors and the scanty intellectuals of cowbelt, Rabindranath Tagore is heralded but how many Goan kids know about Abe Faria or even the achievements of Dada Vaidya? The fact that the southern states, just let the invaders be, they could foucs on education and other things, which why literacy and  education is more in the south. History does not acknowledge it, we are only ridiculed for not fighting the invaders.

Take a walk along Chogum road where wellness canters and health vendors are present, the owners are all Hindi speaking and they have anyone working for them speak Hindi.  I know of two girls who were born in goa, they studied in Sharada mandir, one of them even took a merit seat in GMC but cannot speak a word of either Konkani or Marathi.  The justification is “Hindi rashtrabasha hai.”

Revolt against this stifling imposition of Hindi has manifested on august 15th and its epicentre is interestingly the capital city of placid Karnataka. I remember when at school Advani had come down for his campaign and he was specifically told not to speak Hindi, he did, saying it was the rashtrabasha hence the matrabhasha of the country… they lost Udupi, Mangalore to congress.

Ever since BJP has come to power everything is Hindi centric, every public building named after an illuminate from the cowbelt RSS cadre. The prime minister speaks only in Hindi, if he were to speak gujrathi I would still accept it, I would probably ask Mrs.Pandya to translate it for me.

hindi 2
If this is not imposing what is? image courtesy google

Non Hindi speaking states form a larger population as compared to Hindi speaking states. Government institutions insist on a Hindi Diwas, how about ensuring that migrants of all socio-economic levels learn the state language before relocating?

May be we can decree that Cow-belters who dwell in non-hindi speaking areas will not speak Hindi for the entire day, but will converse only in the state language.

This should not be an issue with the language translating apps that are available today.

11 Replies to “Hindi Diwas”

  1. South Indians learn hindi, how about cow beltians learn about south of Vindhyas. Any unknown commodity is generalised as south indian

  2. This is absolutely true. I’ve been noticing how India is being increasingly “Hindi-ized” and the ignorance with which people cry hoarse that it is the national language, when it isn’t.
    I did not even know there was something called Hindi Diwas until last week, but frustrated with the way the Hindi speakers are behaving in Karnataka, I had written a post about the subject, the short summary being that Indians make it a point to learn a foreign language when they go abroad, but when they come to the South to work, or the NE, they impose their own language and blatantly disrespect the natives. If you call them out, they call you racist.
    Completely agree with every word you have written here!

      1. Yes, that too. You’d think they would change that, keeping in mind the fact that there are so many of us who watch those movies. But looks like they’re not that sensitive to it.

  3. A sensitive issue which keeps popping up from time to time, with no resolution in sight. I wonder this is simply because we happen to be mere ‘vote banks’ which get swayed and used once in five years and then conveniently forgotten.

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