how much entertainment do we require?

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Would I use media entertainment?

That would take mean I need to understand what media means.

Media probably emerged from the Latin Medius tat is regarded as intermediate between tenues and the aspirates— well the dictionary meaning  did get beyond me, but all the same the gist of it is it is a voiced stop.

It is also the med coat of the wall of a blood or lymph vessel consisting certify of circular muscle fibres. This does not make sense either. But if I were to combine a voice stopped   with entertainment   which is amusement or pleasure that comes from watching a performer, playing a game etc. the act of amusing or entertaining people. The entire presentation changes.

Media today takes on the connotation of the system and organizations of communications through which information is spread etc. playing a game, the act of amusing or entertaining people.

Back to TV on mobile, what would I watch on TV, news? Some thrillers, whatever.

It’s strange isn’t it that people imagine just because they  have access to so many newspapers radio and TV cannels they will get an infinity of different opinions. Ten they discover just the opposite, Te opposite, the power of these loud speakers only amplify the opinion prevalent at a certain time to the point where it covers any other opinion. It is like people are seep and TV is the shepherd.

Stranger still, not only are we digital immigrants, we are also media dinosaurs. We enjoy thumbing through the glossy magazines and maybe still subscribe to a daily newspaper. We schedule at least one evening per week around a favourite TV program, created by one of the major television or cable networks. We can name at least one local or national news anchors, and scatter around our homes and offices are veritable graveyards of physical media—old tapes, vinyl records, floppy disks, and magazines that we insist on keeping even though we never use them again.

So writing in all honesty would mean, do I use my mobile for media entertainment—as envisioned as the number of TV-serials, well I do not. But my I did suggest to my husband this morning, tat to watch is favourite bhabhji ghar pe hai even as e is on the move it might be a great idea to look at theTATA transferkar..’s product

It might even be a great idea for me to record my daughter’s favourite serials and send to her on mobile so that she can watch, whenever she feels like it.

One ever knows when and were something new becomes helpful and eventually an option. That is  what marketing is all about right creating the need?

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