Footpaths are meant for walking.

canape (2)
The no parking board in front of canape


The name Goa seem to elicit a varied range,

A holiday destination, a place to chill, so probably people assume that we need not really bother too much about rules and regulations. After all the average Goan is sosegaud.

I have had one tourist couple looking shocked when I asked them to walk on the footpath since it was mission impossible to die in beneath a scooter going at 25kmph.

The recent trend is parking on the kerbs. I mean I used to enjoy the walk from kala academy to Miramar, clean and uncluttered footpaths were available.

Suddenly the gates in front of Kala Academy have begun attracting cars who park rather haphazardly.

canape (1)
car parked in front of canape

And now Canapé, the owners have provided a parking area, with a security personal who lies in the shade of the mango tree and snoozes but does not bother to stop people from parking on the footpath.

So there are obscene SUV’s heavy bikes all parked to guard a secret board that declares “No parking.”

Can we have some citizen responsibility here?

canape (3)


2 Replies to “Footpaths are meant for walking.”

    1. Yes, the Bengaluru citizens are the culprits, out here too, drunken driving at night with loud noises, and riding on the footpath. It was so embaressing when a coop patient of mine told me,”these are from your home state.”

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