Mes(si)merizing Zico Fantastico

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set to roll

I am not a car driver, I am a biker.

Actually closed doors and loud music are issues with me.

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Zica Sunburst Petrol

About a week back my inner self was playing host to the archetype Cinderella, and I was actually going through this poor me gamut when Anoop from Indiblogger called me up and asked me if I was game for a Tata Motors event. Logically I should have done the right thing by telling Anoop that I am a car moron, but when the fairy God mother steps in, logic reason and self-sabotage takes a walk.

Off I went to Alila Diwa. The venue I knew was wonderful.

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zica Diesel

There was this excitement of meeting fellow bloggers like Ragini Puri,  Ankita ,Arvind Passey, Rahul Prabhakar, Srinidhi and Gautam I was looking forward to it. as far as the car went I am a passenger so I decided to be true to type and become the feisty housewife who bargains and finds fault with very little thing that she can.Well this was my first event for a product launch well I did not know what to expect.

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Delna and Pradeep flagging us off

With Lionel Messi as the mascot there had to be a locker room fortunately no locker room jokes went around. The Zica was introduced to us; from the board to the road… the journey for me it was a learning experience that the designers and engineers were different people who worked on the car, then the marketing fellows. Other car buffs kept talking about pricing how a wonderful car like TataNano fell flat because it was not expensive. Now that I thought was strange.

Eventually my husband, (who has a new love in life called the Tata Zest XTA) explained that car was still a status symbol buying a Nano meant making an economic statement.

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The soul of the Zica

We went on the 75km spin on the winding roads of Goa, we were team D1, that is the diesel version, Srinidhi Hande,  Gautam Amonkar,  and I, our first challenge was the GPS if had followed the direction that the GPS gave we would probably travelled through the fields of goa to the final destination at Verna, not that it would have been bad, it would have definitely been an experience.

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The coordinated interiors

The Zica is mes-si-merizing no doubt and metals like Platinum, Palladium and Rubidium making parts of the 5203 components this probably makes  it all the more precious. Seven bottle holders would make it so much easier to handle thirst, as long as we remember to pick the bottles. There are two cup holders.

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Infotainment system with Herman technology

My husband and I travel to Dharwad and Belgaum quite often by road, and one of the biggest issues that we have is keeping the toll tickets, and change handy. Zica has designated slots for it, like it has for tablets and mobiles.

The music system allows us to create a playlist on the infotainment system and the surround sound is excellent. Though I wish they throw in an earphone complimentary for people like who have sound as a trigger for migraine.

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slots for seven bottles and two cup holders


plenty of  leg space which is of course a standard Tata goody is definitely there even in the back middle seat, I found that it was extremely comfortable if I had to travel with senior citizens ,the rear seats being wide enough to hold a baby seat very comfortably.Somehow placing the baby chair in the front seat scares me maybe because I have seen too many windscreen fracture laceration.

Mr.Pradeep… sorry didn’t get his last name, and Mr.Anand Kulkarni who are responsible for the soul and body that is design and structure of the car assured me that the air bags would prevent such occurrences in any case.   Fortunately we did not experience it firsthand.

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Blogger Shayonni confirms the Bootspace.

Coming to the 75km drive once we decided to disregard the GPS and follow our GPS (Goan Public sense of direction) the car was a joy with Gautam’s steady driving. While with Srinidhi’s speed the roll was a bit more and there was queasiness. (between 100 -120 speed)

The petrol version had a kind of drone that was a little uncomfortable but the diesel version sounded like it was on a growl prowl.

The parking assistance I think needs getting used to since I found it distracting, Gautam and Srinidhi were appreciating its preciseness. On the city mode the petrol version gave mileage of 14kms and diesel 16 km. While in the economy mode it was 18 and 20 kms respectively.

#Fantastico Team D1
Team D1-Srinidhi,Gautam,Parwati

Between you and me,with the Tata DNA and goodies provided in the Zica, like the fog lights, Herman system, colour coordinated interiors, the dust resistant roof cover, the chillier tray (it can hold diabetic vials, if we can freeze it before hand the frozen state can be maintained.)They did not need Messi as a mascot, Ratan Tata is star enough,the only support he requires is a good customer care and after sales service which currently is pathetic.

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set to roll

I am writing my futures as Landmark Curriculum would call it.  Feb 22nd 2016…Tata Motors gifts me the Zica Sunburst. I solemnly pledge to replace my bike down to Kanykumari on my 2016 bucket-list,with drive down to Kanyakumari in my Zica with my mother and daughters. I also hereby resolve to get a legitimate license.

This resolution is inspired by Sunita Biddu  who looked so collected, elegant and confident standing next to the Zica it was as if, she had snapped her finger and the car had manifested with her persona.



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