To the Scribe Tribe

Friday, morning heralds a kind of excitement not the “Thank God It’s A Friday” kind but a sense of curiosity, anticipation it’s almost like I keep on my launch pad,  old notes from Pop-Glossop and some handy ammunition to blast Sid up.


But lo behold! The prompt says a tribute to indiblogger. In my mind  (I hope my friends Merriam-Webster’s will not sue for this) tribute is synonymous with eulogy. Definitely we neither indiblogger or I am Pururava or Alexander to say, “from one king to the other,” so tributes submission or protection money gets ruled out.

Then I realize yes, I could pay a tribute for tribute is something given voluntarily, as due or deserved specially a gift or service showing, respect, gratitude affection. It indicates the worth, or effectiveness of the person in question.

So why would I be giving a tribute at all?  well for the herculean task of building a community… which is more or less a tribe. Because a tribe is a group of people connected to one another, there is a connect to a leader, a connect to an idea, major issues of present day is that we have dissociated ourselves from our old tribes and communities but we fail to create new ones. Any group becomes a tribe, when they have two things, one a shared interest and second a way to communicate.

a campaign I was part of

With a tribe comes  collective wisdom – for no one ever has all the answers and no matter how many Google learning, you need an collective insight for growth and creativity…. research of Nagananda.  The blogger meets were are great place to learn them.  I realize most of us early bloggers are socially challenged. But on the indiblogger platform we have push our limits. If it was not for the encouragement from Dr.Sweety Shinde and Dr.Kiran Acharya I would have never done the NDTV swach Bharat Abhinayan ..  With people working on similar goals and objectives with friendly competitions, support and motivation we move just that one step forward that sets the ball rolling. On the days that we have lost faith in ourselves, people who have similar goals prop us up with support and belief.  New ideas emerge with when we view the world through  divergent lenses. When see the inspired journey of the others  we tend to borrow their motivation. Without realizing it, indiblogger ensures that we stay accountable to what we put out there.

By building a blogger’s tribe indiblogger raised the bar for everyone.

The indibloggers meets the congregation of different personalities my score is pretty interesting. Finally the names had faces. The voices became real.

  • Word up at Gurgaon I met and connected with Rahul Prabhakar, and Arvind Passey
  • BNLF 1 so much that we learnt and did there, Indiblogger had set a gold standard, the cooking lessons, the outdoor activity and so much to come back and write about.
  • BNLF 2 at Dehradun, was disappointing in one sense but it was a huge learning experience. Meeting Arvi, Ramya , Sulekha, Keerthiga and so many others. Valley Of Wordsh
  • What we did not do at BNLF2
  • What I learnt at the Valley Of Words
  • The Tata Tiago launch.

The contests were fun. It was with contests I realized the power of indiblogger, when one day I got a call from a leading lingerie saying they read my post about their rival company and read my posts on swach bharat with NDTV would like to do a breast cancer awareness for them. /

Of course those small goody bags that came from Colgate, sunsilk, the flipchart vouchers, books for reviewing really made a difference. Particularly since I was at a phase where I was definitely damaged goods. PTSD was definitely there.  The indiblogger community accepted me as is where is no judgement.

I really hope they retain their quality of helping bloggers grow. They had wonderful tie ups with Weblog Academy/ and Himalayan Writers retreat.

Like all journey’s my own with indiblogger is currently stagnant. I also realize that Indiblogger have also become still. They seem to be at a point where there are multiple option, either to truncate or grow. Growth does mean flying out of the nest. I have faith in Karthik and Rene, yes Anup  too. They will evolve into another level. What I am hoping  that I will be part of the newer avataar. If not the tame pastures are still there.

Ps: I still owe Karthik Rs.400/-

#indibloggerforever, #BNLF

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