Parallel Reality — another space and time

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Parallel reality

Ever thought of this… a coin coming down heads that the possibility of its coming down tails has collapsed. Until that moment the two possibilities were equal. But in another world it could come down tails then what happens? The worlds split apart… another reality is created.

Quantum physics has opened a door to the possibility of parallel universe or the existence of multiverse.  This concept relooks the nature of reality. The worlds of cosmology, quantum and theoretic physics and astronomy are all in place to accept that there are multiple reality not just different interpretations but objective realities that are different from one another totally.

Physics calls parallel universe as the Multiverse and recognizes it as a hypothetical collection of undetectable universes that are like our known universe but have branched off from our universe due to a quantum level event.

While cosmology recognizes parallel universe as a universe that co-exists with our known universe but may operate fundamentally under different laws of physics.

This would mean that there could be a universe where we exist or have existed through the same time timeline with some minor insignificant variation, like, maybe the chicken pox you had when you wanted to skip the 12th grade exam may not occur. Quantum physics claims that this is not an absolute term, so each possible observation, with a different probability would correspond to a different universe. On a macro level it implies that every choice, action or interaction we make is one from a range of possible outcomes and we can collapse it into our current timeline, there would be a parallel universe where we could experience a different set of circumstances created by choices.

The question that emerges at this point is these realities out there? Can we connect to it? is it possible to switch from one life time to the other, there are instances where people have experienced this parallel reality one way or the other and not really notice it, because it happens in fraction of a second.

Quite a few of current life issues are dealt with and can be healed by accessing the parallel realities

Exploring parallel realities to find resolutions to current life issues is one of the greatest modalities that hypnotherapy uses. Of course inducing a good trance, and identifying the actual issue that one is dealing with is vital once that is done, then exploring parallel realities becomes the option.

A patient of mine with whom I conducted this session of parallel realities did find resolution and reaction was, everything looked the same, but suddenly felt like it was not, like everything has been taken apart, sort of brick by brick flower bed by flower bed and put back together in the order an order I choose consciously to derive a particular goal. Those that could not be re-located I could accept that yes, this is not reloadable so I need to work with this.

This understanding in itself created a shift in her resolving the baggage she was dealing.


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