Corrupt Citizens

sushant forever (3)
crazy traffic. Image courtesy –SushantForever

When we talk corruption, a non performing government we are talking of a corrupt population and a society that takes pride is getting away with non performance.

Just last evening there was someone who had come to discuss something with MrD. on their way out, they chanced on me working on something, The younger of the two said she had seen me at  Kala Academy, I said yes I was there for an event,

They assumed that it was a for a production, but I had correct them and tell them about SushantForever project. Then of course the topic went to bad driving, and how irresponsible people were.  The over bridge in front of Sharada Mandir and how it is not being used, waste of public money.

Then I tell them about the encroachment of the pedestrian kerb by vehicles parked and how the DSP-Traffic suggested that we could click a picture and put it on the web of Goa Traffic with date and time and they would take action.

sushant forever (4)
Thank God for citizen Traffic Wardens–Image courtesy SushantForever

The spontaneous reaction even before I could complete,

“ughas kai tari mantoh!, ”

“why should I click pictures and send it to the cops? I mean we pay taxes, its their jobs to see that it is not done.”

“Nothing, all that you have to do is give the cop 200/bucks and he’ll let you go.” Well that is true too I won’t refute, but what did amaze me was the callousness of the people.

In the first place parking in the kerb is increasing, over the past 5 years. Since nobody objected to it the first time, it has now become right. We are willing to point fingers at the cop for not stopping the illegal parking but we do not want to tackle the person who is parking it wrong. Most likely it would be our neighbour, his kid, our kid, or sometimes we ourselves.sushant forever (1)

this is the same crowd who will tell you how disciplined the people of Singapore/Europe are and how they  will not park wrongly, how the value human lives unlike here. it is not that parking is not available it is that we feel we are entitled to this because we pay taxes.

When we try to tell them listen the police are requesting the government that part of the fine collected should go towards road safety, the response is,

“haa! They must have seen an opportunity to make money”

“What fine, they pocket the money– ” well if you are being given a challan then the money is accounted for.

The road safety is meant for people to be safe, when i hear people bragging about bribing the traffic police or breaking the rule, I get angry because one such blighter has damaged my ankle. But one such careless moment can be fatal.

citizen journalist
image courtsey internet

I really wish there is some way we can make everyone on the road realize when they break a safety rule, they are potential suicide bombers, they could trigger an accident that could be fatal.

Maybe we should make the traffic violators do a weeks community service at the trauma center.If that does not make them responsible nothing will.

5 Replies to “Corrupt Citizens”

  1. That is a great idea! And the callousness you point out pervades into all our social behaviour. We believe in being a great civilization, but we are anything but. Rights sans responsibility is the guiding principle of our lives.

  2. Well! it is our responsibility too…they say “be the change you want to see in others”. It’s nice that you brought it up. Nicely written Parwatiji:-)

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