international Jugglers day.

In the 1950s at least less was expected of women. Now we’re supposed to build a career, build a home, be the supermum that every child deserves, the perfect wife, meet the demands of elderly parents, and still stay sane.”
― Sara Sheridan

my theatre world

 Breakfast, wash load, kids off to school, hubby off to work, now you dash. On the way back pick grocery, not to mention PTA, school day and office meetings aren’t we juggling things.

Well april 18th is also the international juggler’s day so we can pat ourselves on the back. This was established in 1980. All superwomen can laud themselves.

16th April is international juggling day.

20th June is the world juggling day.

References to jugglers is seen during the vaudeville era nothing is mentioned prior to it. Though some Egyptian paintings do show jugglers. It was associated with jesters, clowns, fools. Objects that are juggled are called properties and the act is called pattern.

The princess with the golden ball is a fairy tale that was inspired by the jugglers.

A juggler is a person who performs juggling feats .when two or more…

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