International centre Goa is a great go to place for me, the quiet ambience, the wonderful library and the routine activities that they hold.

There is this particular one Lecture by Eminent Persons. I’ve  heard Harsh Mandar and his anti-BJP peddling, Maroof Raza and candid humor and in your face honesty, Mr.Quereshi of the election commission and his gentle observations. There has always been some connect when the speakers spoke, maybe we agreed, maybe we disagreed, but we did ponder.

So this time round when Mr.Vijay Crishna was to deliver the lecture, and ICG went unusually pushy with its email, I checked the man out he is the Executive Director at Lawkim Motors,  environmental activists,theater person every one spoke of his dramatic effect, he was introduced as erudite and eclectic so despite the dicey title I attended.

The gentleman told us, that he would share Endurance  a book on Shackleton’s journey to the Antarctic. He interlaced it with his own journey, and shared insight. He had warned us that it was for us to find the connect.

Sadly for me i could not connect, the soft droning voice did lull me to a sense of slumber. The only undertone that I emerged in my space was a constant, oh! None of you have experienced this and neither will you, it somehow rankled as there were people in the audience who had been to the Antartic.

Maybe Mr.Vijay Crishna landed in my space when I was not in a frame to understand, assimilate or appreciate it.






3 responses to “Enduring…”

  1. doc2poet Avatar

    Goa and books sounds like the perfect combination…

    1. parwatisingari Avatar

      You bet, join us at the publishingnext meet, or the GALF

      1. doc2poet Avatar

        I would love to 😊

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