To Be Noticed Is To Be Loved.

pinterestTo Be Noticed Is To Be Loved.

I grew up in the eighties, so we painstakingly cut articles from papers and filed them further references, particularly the embroidery design recipes, not to mention make up tips and how to buy inners.

When I discovered Pinterest it was just that for me, a virtual pin board where I could put things for future reading or references. Time and again I would get message about people following my interests I never really paid much attention to it.

Even when I came across a article by Michael Steinzer on using Pinterest as social marketing tool, I still didn’t take it seriously for in my space marketing and social network are absolutely different. but something that I discovered despite non-participation.

Having said that there were certain things I picked up when I attended the #BNLF event by indibloggers, that set me thinking. That is Pinterest might be a good place to connect for local business…. here’s what I learnt at #BNLF,

It was having to understand, who are my target audience, that meant finding out what people are interested in that meant observing what people are doing on Pinterest.

  • So I went to the search box, opened the category list.
  • Looked at the categories that were relevant to me, eg. Mythology, the god question
  • Clicked through the popular pinners, and pin boards it was quite interesting to see what kind of content was being shared.

The profiles that were popularly pinned had keyword friendly boards and profiles, when I browse I realized I would probably say, “eggless Chillan” and the board that popped would eggless cooking. The keywords were part of the profile, profile description, board titles and board descriptions. This was something I never bothered with I had treated the board like my personal filing system, and to quote Agatha Christie I would probably file Sandwich under “S”

People come to Pinterest to learn so the boards have to have informative content, creating boards related to the local community would be a great idea if one does decide to use pinterest as a marketing tool. What should the customer need to know so that the service that is being offered carries value.  lot of pinner’s I noticed created an interesting mixture of content, some that they created and some curated from others but very relevant to the commodity that they are marketing. Some of them were so informal like simple hand drawn graphics to explain something, some were more meticulous they used info graphic tools that are available online  more information rich the capsule the more engageme it received.

Pinterest rich pins allow the embedding information from websites and this dynamically encourages customer conversations, so click throughs with rich pins could be a good idea. When an article pin is created the headline, author and the story description automatically gets pulled into the pin, this encourages people to save the pins. People used product pins to that encourages direct buying connected to the site, because the product name and pricing information is pulled to the Pinterest automatically. People have created place pins with specific, map, an address and a phone number.

Like I said, Pinterest for me a personal filing system where I shared things with my friends, but I realized that if one was ready to engage, then there people sharing related information, and connecting  all it required was to answer questions, add our thoughts in the comments, and it was really great.notice board

Creating a Pinterest profile, filing it with information and engaging content is a great way to acquire new customers for your local business, but really gain benfits, consistency is required, checking of Pinterest analytics to see how the content is performing is an indicator.

Viralwoot is one of way to automate Pinterest marketing. Schedule, Promote And Analyze On Pinterest Like A Pro is their promise.  Here is a quick look on Viralwoot features:

  1. Pinterest Promotions lets you promote your Pinterest pins, boards and profile to a network of 70,000+ active pinner’s. Perfect solution to boost following & engagement on Pinterest.
  2. Pinterest Scheduleris a handy tool to put your Pinterest account on autopilot by scheduling content for days & months in advance. You can upload images, use our browser extension or inbuilt Pinterest & Google image search to source content & schedule.
  3. Pinterest Analytics lets you monitor your Pinterest growth, complete boards data, best day/time to pin and also, gives you clear picture on who is pinning what from your website and top/active pinner’s
  4. Pinterest Content Manageris a one dashboard to create, search and bulk edit your boards and Pins directly within Viralwoot. You can even set the system to republish old content and delete old pins. In other words, it is your go-to Pinterest SEO tool.
  5. Pinterest Influencer Manageris the easiest way to get people talking about your brand on Pinterest. Find and engage with the right influencers through easy to create & track campaigns and tasks. Viralwoot handle all influencer payments and provide you with real time tracking of campaign.
  6. Pin Scheduler Chrome Extension is a Chrome browser extension to let you schedule pins from any page on internet.pinterest 2

About Viralwoot:

Viralwoot is a globally accepted Pinterest marketing solution that has helped over 70,000 publishers, brands & agencies by driving them more revenue through its inbuilt Pinterest marketing tools & applications.  For more information visit:

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