Mavalli comes to Udupi.

MTR-udupi (4)
founding father’s of MTR

Mavalli Tiffin Rooms or MTR is an iconic brand in the restaurant industry.

MTR-udupi (2)
Interior displaying the history of MTR

Maiyya’s the owners of the MTR  have recently turned prodigal and opened a franchise in Udupi, at Kinnimulki near Govinda Kalyana Mantapa. This is their second attempt to venture into their home town. The first being at Manipal where the Egg Factory is located now.

The first MTR was managed by Mr.K.M.Udupa, the food then was really to die for. The Dosa’s were crisp and had just required hint of flavour of ghee, and butter. With the lingering memory of that restaurant and our own experiences at the Bangalore MTR my mom and I trotted to MTR.

MTR-udupi (1)
Rather congested seating

The decor is very simple, though the tables can seat four people it kind of makes it tough we would like to have party. The wall decor shares the history of the MTR tradition it makes an excellent read provided we can hover over other tables. Actually it might be a good idea to share the coffee table book they have MTR, I know there is one as I have seen it some place.

Since we went there at 11 am we were at a neither here nor there state and we decided to opt for a Breakfast… this comes with half a Masala dosa, shira, kharabaath, bisibelebath, and avalakki mosaru. That simply meant we cut out the standard MTR rava idli and vadas.

MTR-udupi (3)
Thus the Rava Idli was born

While most of the stuff was good, but definitely not mind blowing or iconic, the dosa’s were a disappointment, over roasted thick dosas, with token presence of the potato subzi within.  I thought it was an one off day when the cook had a tiff with his wife. But my friends who were regulars during the MTR – Manipal days say they were disappointed too.

MTR-udupi (5)
on my platter

The dosa appeared to be spread from a batter whipped with rice flour instead of soaked and ground rice, and like it was a spread by a kitchen novice.

Maybe be next time if we did venture there we will try out the Puri’s which is another MTR jewels, or the Rava idli, but when it comes Masala dosa if  it is not made at home, I guess we shall trot down to woodlands.

Overall  an average place to go.



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