July Morning

junoJuno the Roman Goddess reigning June has gone by, marking the half mark of the year, this morning is the July Morning

I am woken to the beeps from my mobile with idiotic “Happy doctor’s day message.’

Doctor’s Day is commemorated on 1st July in honour of the 2nd CM of Bengal Dr.Bidhan Chandra Roy. I am told he is a legendary iconic doctor, god bless his soul.  It was created for people to acknowledge the service done to them by the doctors. On the ground what happens are events organized, by the doctors for the doctors off the doctors, while rest of those who watch the morning news send the “Happy Doctor’s Day” message the cruellest of them all would be the florist and Archie greeting guys offering a “Doctor’s Day deal”

For god sake the “Doctor’s day” is about acknowledging the role and service done by your doctor. The “Happy doctors day ” makes no sense to me, when people forget the 90% of the doctors who put their patients before their families and sages appreciate Aamir Khan’s tirade against doctors.

I have had patients who stopped an antibiotic like Restaclin, because his Pharmacist advice, that you are okay so why should take the other six tablets left in the course.

There are patients who “Lend” the medication that they were prescribed because their friend has the same symptoms and it would save an visit to the doctor, and of course the doctors fees too.july morning-2

There is a particular patient with PCOD who changes doctors and the stream of medicine each time her daughter the PCOD patient has an attack, none of the times has she completed the course or gone for a follow up. As students we were told that patients are classified as

  • Philosophical those who will accept the treatment and the doctor’s diagnosis.
  • The sceptic, who will argue but if you address the concerns, this patient is the ideal patient to have since he is responsible and responsive.
  • The complaining patient who will complain no matter what…this is the highly avoidable patient.
  • Then the hysteric patient, who loves drama and is totally into exaggeration,.

So when you start pointing at the doctor, it might be a good idea to see where you belong. Before you send that “Happy doctors day” please see if you think just because someone is a doctor you can save your work leaves, and barge into their office beyond schedule hours, if the doctor came to you after your office hours because he/she was attending to a patient would you accept it?

Since this is unique to India, maybe it is a good idea to flee the country…

july morning 3 Maybe I should have gone to Budapest to join them on the July Morning Tradition. People travel across Bulgaria to welcome the first sun ray of the first day of July. This tradition started at the Pier of the Fort of Varna, though now the vigil occurs across the shores of the Black Sea in Bulgaria.

The vigil was inspired by the Uriah Heep song July Morning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l685JEwFPb4 social scientists believe it could have come from the midsummer rituals, or the sun worship of pagan Bulgaria. Since it has become overt since 1980 other social scientists have called it a subtle protest against the communist rule that kept the Music bands, Flower Child and Hippie cult away from the peoplejuly morning 4

1st of July heralds the Scottish patriotism and celebrates the contribution of the Scots. Various kinds of Tartans are worn. The international Tartan Day commemorates the lift of the act of proscription, an act the decreed the wearing of Tartan as illegal. Internationally streets rich with Scottish population celebrate their ethnicity wearing Tartans, playing the Pipe bands and high land dancing is also seen.

There are other countries celebrating quite interesting events I should actually tackle a holiday maker and plan one before next year.


Happy Doctors Day…Hope you are in a Tartan…dancing to the July Morning tunes of Uriah Heep on the shores of  the Black Sea

images courtesy Google Images.

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