Heal my heart

Heart is the heart of your physiological body, since it is the organ that pumps blood to rest of the body, it transports oxygen and nutrition to the tissue, it also carries back carbon dioxide laden blood and cellular metabolic waste to be cleaned, it helps to regulate hormones, it also helps in maintaining body temperature.

Metaphysically speaking too, cardiovascular system, of which the heart is the prima donna is about nourishing,   it is also about feeling and expressing joy. Any upheaval in this expression and experience would result in cardiovascular disease.

Some direct messages given by the physical symptoms, according to various healers are

Vascular problems, relates to circulation, so both giving and receiving is challenged. There is also hopelessness, a sense of futility, confusion cannot fulfil purpose.

Stroke  occurs when this receiving and giving is very blocked.

Angina is  a message of something missed or lost

Heart attack or myocardial infarction is about not living for yourself, or your purpose not being your focus.

Varicose veins is about unwillingness to receive.

Aneurism, is a result of male and female energies splitting, block between male and female side of parents, self and children. There could be anger issues with mother or father.

Internal bleeding is about hiding internal sorrow.

Hypertension or increased blood pressure is about anger, stress, feelings not being expressed, circulation resulting build up of inner pressure.

Hypotension or low blood pressure occurs due to resistance in entering into life fully and fearlessly, there is an inner weakness and a desire to pull back.

Dealing with it is quite easy. Of course the metaphysical healing and journey is your choice, but on the physical plane, simple things like staying active.

20 minutes of brisk walk in the morning.world-heart-day-2

Eating food that is suitable to our age, lifestyle and climate.

And balancing our life.

One lady I know has a completely overhauled lifestyle post threatened heart attack, she wakes up in the morning and does suryanamaskaar, followed by sweeping and moping the house, her breakfast is wholesome with fruits and rotis, lunch is light dinner is lighter. She drinks warm water through out the day.

Her dinner time is eight and by eight thirty all electronic devices are off, only the landline works. Nobody contacts her unless it is an emergency.

Bakery products are totally off her list. She does eat friend snacks on and off, not only has she knocked off weight she has got her cardiovascular health back.

Practising the apana mudra for about 20mnts two times a day is another great alternate healing method.

Apana Mudra


I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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