The Brew

The first Thursday of November is the international Stout day and stout is a dark beer made of roasted malt or barley.

Like Frank Zappa puts it, you can’t really be a country unless you have a beer and an airline, it helps if you have kind of football team or nuclear weapon, but at the very least you need a beer. Beer tells a story of the people.

Coming to International stout day, it is about celebrating the craft and creating a beer revolution.

beer is essentially about an alcoholic beverage made from malt and flavoured hops. Beer is one of the oldest known beverages. Almost any cereal containing sugar can be fermented and processed to create beer. Stout Beer was first brewed in 1677, it was called so in honour of the sturdy stout porters. From then it has taken on many hues, 1721 the Porter brew was brewed.

Types of Stout beer

  • Milk stout, milk cream is added to the barley, it is quite sweet and is giving to nursing mothers as it is believed to be nourishing.
  • Irish stout is dry and un-sweet it is made from un-malted roasted barley.
  • Porter stout or the English stout is malted roasted barley.
  • Oatmeal stout has oatmeal added to the barley
  • Chocolate stout has noticeable dark chocolate flavour.
  • Oyster is another ingredient often associated with stout and the brew is called oyster stout.
  • Imperial stout is the Russian take on the Stout,
  • While Baltic stout is the Baltic version.

Beers made in India.

  • Kings beer goa.
  • Corona beer
  • Fosters beer
  • Claysburg beer
  • Hayward’s beer
  • Heineken beer

Whoever drinks beer is quick to sleep and whoever sleeps long, who ever sleeps less does not sin, who ever does not sin goes to heaven!! So drink beer. Wonderful isn’t it?

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