Walking into the sunset

Listen well while I tell you a story

Of a boy and girl in the spring

When the first flowers bloom into glory

Every bird begins to sing…

I am talking of the eighties, the baby boomers, girls taking up careers was accepted in the middle class families, and when I say careers, I mean courses like engineering for girls had become acceptable,

Long hours, crazy schedules, girls then were out to prove they were not fragile, they could handle work the night out like the boys did, it was a time of huge shifts in energies, suddenly people with high hormone levels were put in the same space.

There were intellectual bonding, physical experiments and God Knows what else, the original generation of hell raisers, Rhonda was one of the first girls to ride a bike, and carry a back pack, before backpack became establishment, now that it has Rhonda’s personal statement is a stylish handbag

It is strange despite the fact that choosing your own partner was no longer a taboo, the girl who married mama’s choice of course got the golden halo.

Amidst this wonderful scenario, refusing to marry half dozen of her classmates who proposed to her to be frank between you and me, it must have been sheer fright… Rhonda ran away to a town where she was anonymous or so she thought.

In the bustling department of endodontics, there was the head of the department, and Rhonda being the intern was the tail end, in between two junior doctors and two nurses to assist. Guess what, august 10th the department had a drone attack of conjunctivitis most of the junior doctors down with red swollen eyes that the medical superintendent drove them right back to their quarters, which left the Head and the tail in the department to deal with twelve appointments.

“Doc, I will take the patients that I can and we shall reschedule the rest.”

When the boss says something the minions obey,

As the nurse set the operating table, presto… emergency… a young man with absolutely swollen cheek and splinter embedded, since this above the intern level of expertise, the big man dealt with it, and Rhonda to deal with rest until he finished the emergency… behold the nature’s bounty the next one with the front tooth swollen, now the big man tells gets the tail end to attend to it, without no word whatsoever to the reception that was the epithet for what is glamorously called patient care or public relations today.

Eleven thirty the nurses are changing the trays and a young man with ochre blazer and corduroy jeans turns up,

“Excuse me… do you have a watch”


“Do you know how to see the time?”

The voice was very sarcastic, “yes why”

“well, it is nearing 12 and I had an appointment for 10 am,” with the PMT and everything happening that was the last straw, Rhonda was almost in tears….that seem to soften the guy the nurse spoke to him apologized and rescheduled the appointment.

A week later Rhonda meets Mr. Ocher Blazer again,

Three Root Canals and a year later they were married.

Twenty five years and two children later, Mr. Ocher Blazer and Rhonda live on different planets individually together.

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