a little clarity

Viraaj came to me as he was feeling dissatisfied and he did not have the energy to complete what he was doing, and he did not enjoy his subject etc. etc. I took him through a trance and what came up was he was confident with his work.

As we went deeper he had a sense of being pushed into this situation, it turned out he was feeling angry and frustrated,  on clearing various unwanted energy cache and belief system,  he had this very clear vision of what he wanted to achieve in this life, he also realized that while he wanted some comfort in life, there was some stress he was not willing to take, this allowed him to create a vision board and plan of action for himself

This sorted him out and over the past year and a half he has moved along the territory where he wanted to go.

The technique I used here along with hypnotherapy is a technique called the ego state identification..

Through my dental practice I have had patients whose parents cribbed about their kids not doing well, not being consistent in their efforts or in results. I used to empathize. Often I wondered what was the issue.

The issue usual that explains all is the lack of confidence.

Most workshops and self help books are about confidence what I feel sometimes we fail to figure is that what is required is not confidence but clarity.

Once I started practising hypnotherapy full time, I figured that self acceptance to an achievement varied from person to person.

There was a kid, who wanted to do medicine, and I asked him why he said he wanted the kind of adulation his uncle had, people looked up to doctors, doctors saved lives, the devil in me thought” does that mean that you would like to play god.” I didn’t ask that though.

What he was telling me was he wanted recognition, and to him it came as thank you cards from patients, the current medical school scenario is such that the adulation that he looks for may not come by, for another person success meant having his own TV show.

At the end of the day I realized what was required was clarity, once there is clarity we can navigate through crowds without bumping or prodding into anyone, but when there is no clarity it becomes another story.

Interestingly that moment of clarity just pops up out of nowhere, many a times take my patient into the trance and ask them to have a conversation with their higher self, then comes an amazing clarity of what is the purpose of this life, and it comes with even more clarity how can they put their existing skills to achieve that purpose.

What happens when we are able to shed the social, parental and conditioned wrappings, is we get to see our purpose very clearly, this allows us to set the intent of where we would like to go. It also gives us the clarity, courage and determination to follow our dreams, we often find toxic people who lack clarity in their lives discouraging us, suddenly as we begin to live in integrity with our truth, peace becomes inevitable and success becomes a given.



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