Hey It’s SAD

Feb. 15th, is a  SAD day in the shadow of its more commercially successful sibling.

Are you Wondering  what SAD is all about…No it is not about depression, nor is it about loneliness. well it is Singles Awareness Day.

With the world and all the business world focusing on romantic love, its many hues, people who are single are not just left out, they are also singled  to be guillotined or whatever it is that the French created.

Being single is not a  state of does not mean that one is like the uncle from Christmas Carols or Rapenzel in her tower. The SAD is about acknowledging and honouring the choice to be single, it about celebrating life, and sharing moments and gifts with other single friends, there are no strings attached here.

Originally this was also slated to be on the 14th of February but it turned out to be quite depressive, so the next day became the choice. People, of course volunteer to participate in social and community causes, exchange greetings and gifts.

So if you are single it is your day.

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