world Thinking Day

Everywhere you go today…you will find a busy or play we lead the way…jai jai for the girl guides.

There would weeks of preparation, and we would all be hyper excited about going to the Jamboree, never mind it meant 3-4 days of no bathing, sleeping in terrible school rooms, in makeshift beds, but it meant we made new friends.

That was February 22nd which we just called the Scouts and Guides day to commemorate the birthday days of Lord Robert Baden Powell the 2nd Boer war hero and his wife Lady Olave Baden-Powell, the couple who started Scouts and Guides.  I was a President guide and the word “Be Prepared ” seemed so relevant.

This has now morphed into the world thinking day since the world meet in 1999, and the scouts and guides reach out to their brethren around the world to know each other a little better. Well whether they succeed or not is another story. But that is the basic purpose.

One of the great things for us was to be a president guide, and that entailed, earning badges, and a badge was given when met some criteria, when I look back it is just become a check list, like okay one nursing  badge we are supposed to nurse the sick for at least 36 hrs. We worked at the hospital though. The singers badge was one prayer, one bhavageete,  etc. etc. we just learnt up those songs presented it to a examiner who was more pre-occupied with gossiping with the guide teacher and we were given the badge.

So the world thinking day, has come up with a thinking day badge that can be sewed on to the sleeve.

The theme this year is very simple it , “Grow.” So how does one get the badge—

  • Make new friends by identifying a group in your community that does not have access to girl guiding or girl scouting, and invite them to participate at your world thinking day celebration.
  • Share the fun of being a girl guide/scout with your friends by solving the mystery of the missing seeds of change. Go on a treasure hunt or a guide tracking signs exercise.
  • Plant a tree once the missing seeds are located, and mark the beginning of a new friendship.

When I decided to share this on my blog I began researching various quotes from the Baden-Powell’s I found out, that the movement though began as scouts for the Boer war, it also was to inculcate a sense of observation, and inclusion, which we have lost in this great sisterhood of badge collection.

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