Co-creating 2018

It was fashionable for members of Mango Meadows to make New Year resolutions, it used to be quite standard in the younger days.

  • Loose excess pounds in weight and not currency.
  • Wash the inner wear and sun-dry it.
  • Find a sensible boyfriend who is romantic towards you and not a alcoholic, workaholic, teacher’s pet, megalomaniac, dimwit.
  • Will not fantasize about the about mentioned F***kwits either.

The wager would be who would break the resolution first.

Now I wonder what makes us break our resolution.

Maybe we are sprinting instead of running the marathon. Dealing with people on the recovery path I realized it is one step at a time with very small goals. The final destination might be scary, but it would be great to focus on one step making it a goal. Previous failure make it hard for us believe in ourselves.

Many a times, we want that wonderful huge change but we are not willing to pay the price. Worse still we are willing pay price, but not willing to serve term. Afterall it takes 21 days to build a new habit or thought.

Now that we are decades older and corporate trained, we do not look at resolutions, we look at goals. I remember being told at school we had to set high goals. There was Martis teacher saying, ”aim for hundred you will at least make it to eight.” But setting higher goals should someday make us suffer vertigo…yup vertigo is the dizzy feeling that makes you fear that you will fall. Here could be the voice of emptiness below us, that tempts and lures us into our comfort zone. it is the desire to fall into or comfort zone or maybe the desire not to raise above our comfort zone. the feeling is so overwhelming that we begin to defend ourselves. There was the niggling doubt that the actual goal was only 80%.

It is not hard to decide what we want in our life. it is difficult to accept why we want it, and what we are willing to give up for it. I do not mean a sacrifice, I mean a choice to take us to the space we want to be in.

What I realized through my journey with Louise Hay, Executive State Identification , Landmark Curriculum for living is that we focus on doing and the result of doing. You can call it Karmayoga. But it upsets us if the desired outcome is not there, we are also not sure of ourselves to ensure our achievement. This again comes from a space of not knowing having clarity.

This #2018 I have no goals or resolutions, I choose to be the space of possibilities in others. I choose to be the clearing for other to identify, define and express their being.

Once we are in the space of being who we are… we are able to take actions to bring forth a desired result. It also allows us to accept with grace if we are not able to manifest the desired result.

We are actually having a workshop to co-create 2018. You are most welcome to join us. If you would just like to know more or make 101 appointment then DM on twitter handle @parwatisingari

Written for #2018 by womensweb.


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