Learning and Unlearning of 2017

Learning – unlearning #2017

With my 2018 schedule falling in place, I look back on 2016, and 2017 maybe the actual journey began with 2015.

Looking back on 2017 it has been an amazing year. Balancing the fundementals of life, that power, love, freedom and fun. Somehow the balance never seemed to happen.

But between you and me, i think two things happened here

  1. I did not recongnize the balance.
  2. I did not permit myself any emotion or belief other than being a victim.

It began with Hyderabad,  over the past three years I have been in Hyderabad like alternate months, sometimes staying there for almost a month. I learnt my first lesson on connecting to the tribe there. I connected with various relatives finding people with the same interest as me through Meetup.com it was amazing.

But the personal journey began with #breakingbarriers by women’s web being in a roomful amazing women I unlearnt that we had to defined by parameters like education, social status etc, i learnt that change and growth could happen at any age. There were women who accepted things that came along their way, there were women who navigated themselves to a destination, each one of them had slayed monsters and were undertraining the slay the next.

Then was freelance writers workshop by women’s web, I had to unlearn few things here but yes I did get a glimpse of where my blog could go, that was an amazing experience for me. though I still await the feedback on the pitch I wrote. If you are in and around Bangalore this is a good one to try out.

The #WeBlogAcademy that really  put things in a perspective for me was presented by Indiblogger. This  was about learning the connect between and the world and how my blog played the connector. It was about lot of self acceptance and also about understanding my own need for integrity.

My greatest discovery was I had strong views on gender, for all other purpose I was easy going and almost bordering lazy.!! At the moment I live with the mortal fear of being labelled feminist.

Of course the technical skills were polished I have a vision for my blog now and in another month I should go full on. I learnt how to read blog statistics and twitter statistics, and realized “Hey buddy I have an obscene twitter out reach too.” it was about learning that outreach and followers were different.

At the end of 2017 I realized I am at the brink of accepting that the liberty to say and do my thing is more important to me, than the seal of approval from the neighbourhood aunty. Not that it is not welcome.  I have also reached a point where the neighbourhood aunty is my contemporary if not younger!!

This year is about healing, travelling and writing my book, along the guidelines picked up the #TheHimalayanWritingRetreat again presented by Indiblogger. Hope my friends out in the blogging community will hold me accountable.



One Reply to “Learning and Unlearning of 2017”

  1. Hey! I have been lax in reading blogs from friends and look forward to remedying that. May all you have learnt in 2016 and 2017 power you to newer heights. I enjoy your insightful posts and comments. Happy 2018.

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