world cultural diversity day

In a new place just talk to your auto driver, you will learn a lot.

One thing that impressed me was the anger that the auto driver at Trivandrum had against Amity Shah for his insensitiveness is wishing people happy Vamana jayanthi without realizing that Onam is the festival of Kerala and not just the festival of Hindu’s. Bali still rules Kerala, defeat of Bali is reminding the Malayali of their defeat.

Akshay kumar’s movie Padman is about a Tamil guy his name slips my memory but to make it more acceptable the story was recreated in madhyapradesh. We are talking another non-acceptance again.

Viewing this video made me realize how set we were in the notion of the other.

Three quarters of the world is suffering due to our inability to accept cultural diversity or multicultural existence.

In a workplace multicultural work force can bring forth many creative solutions if people are accepted with their background, experience, knowledge and skills.

But the cultural issues turn up in very small but relevant ways, like a Muslim nurse’s right to wear a hijaab and long sleeves the infection control protocol demands that the sleeves be rolled up or kept short. While her religious faith demands her hands to be covered.

The issues can be resolved by dialogues of interracial an interfaith kinds.

One way to handle cultural diversity is experiencing and understanding another culture.

Bringing the gap between cultures is essential to bring peace, stability and development.

  • To raise awareness worldwide about the importance of intercultural dialogues. Inclusion with maintenance of diversity becomes important.
  • To build a world community of individuals who are committed to support diversity with real and everyday life gestures.
  • To combat polarization and stereotypes to improve understanding and cooperation among people of different cultures.

The United Nations Alliance for civilization has come up with a campaign called

“Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion.” We could do one of these either today right away or at least over the week…

  • Visit an exhibit or a museum dedicated to other cultures.
  • Learn about another religion.
  • Plan an international movie night.
  • Listen to a musical tradition from a different culture.
  • Play a sport from another culture.
  • Have a traditional food cook out.
  • Volunteer with an organization working diversity and inclusion.
  • Learn another language

Like I have mentioned before we are not a single country, we are a subcontinent of many nationalities. Our diversity should actually allow us to be more innovative and creative.

Yet we are being hurdled into a single homogenous mass.  The dialogue is difficult and maybe unpleasant too, but the equation should be individually together and blend to a paav bhaaji.





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