In Memory of Emma Nutt.

I am looking at the eating area of 91 springboards. Where everyone is a mobile phone glued to their ear. I still have an issue with it and I think telephones are a instrusion, they ring just when you think you are safe.

On second thoughts imagine if we were still in the messenger boy stage the number of kids having to run up and down to deliver these messages. The congestion. It would be worse than navigating the roads with the Swiggy, Zomato, and Ekart guys.

When we were young “Telephone operator ” was a kind of job people took on after an unremarkable standard 12 result. Well of course they would be smartly turned out  I mean the street smart kind with clothes picked up from the village “dress shop” or during a exciting holiday to the town. Sometimes, patterns would be diligently picked from the latest movie magazine and the local tailor would tailor it. Or the girls themselves stitched it over the weekend. After all tailoring was part of the school curriculum.

Now these girls are more in number, they call themselves customer care executive wear badly designed worse fitting uniforms with logos, and of course not to mention the cosmetics. Monthly outing to the parlour have all become normal.

Of course they are given speech training and etiquette somehow does not seem to be part of the training. Many a times, these people also double as sales persons doing cold calls.

However the first ever career telephone operator was Emma Nutt and September 1st was the day that honours her memory. Here is my eulogy to her

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