International Nacho day.

21st October is the world Nachos day.

So I kind of got think of what nachos might be.

What I learnt was it was probably borrowed firm the Spanish Nacho, which actually is a hypocoristic form of the first name Ignacio. After Ignacio Anaya Garcia (1895-1975) culinary origin myths credit May 23 1954 as its day of origin, and like the myths of Reuben Sandwich, Buffalo wings and Caesar salad, or even our own Diana Gadbad, there is a stock story that goes

A day in a restaurant at Piedras Negras Mexico a waiter/chef  Nacho Garcia was pressed to serve food to hungry customers the ingredients in his kitchen were limited and he had to get creative and he presto he created a dish … which honoured him by getting popular.

I found out that it was tortilla chips that is tortilla deep fried, shallow fried or baked and then topped with cheese and additional savouries. Does this kind of sound familiar?

Next part of the program was to discovering how to make tortillas. Actually I was under the impression that tortillas were made from corn flour but guess what the recipe that I found it was made with all purpose flour, lard it had no yeast or any component that allowed it to raise.

Lard was essentially pork oil, so that threw the entire thing right out. So if we can have desi noodles, and desi – stew why not desi nachos? Here is my recipe for the international nachos day

Take a rice  papad, roast  on the tava, or in a microwave, top it with kissan imli pichcoo, tomato sauce sev grated cheese , coriander grill for 20 secs. And munch it with tea.

Or simply order a Khichiya from the nearest restaurant.khichiya

Before signing off, I’m just contemplating, plating rice papad, with rice, daal, rasam paani and sev and coriander. Probably I can call it udupi-Nachos, or dakshin- Nacho until one fine day i find out it is called Yakshagana or Kathakali because they are the Dakshin Nach’s!

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