Viveka chudamani 25 Shraddha.

Shraddha Viveka Chudamani 25

One of the many discourses at the Audoot ashram in Kurushetra, guruji had spoken about Shraddha.

To quote Guruji, he said the word had many intonation and blind faith was definitely not one. Shraddha meant comittement, shraddha meant focus, shraddha meant paying attention.  When we place our shraddha in something only then will we become daksha in it is what he used to say. Adi Shankaracharya in the  describes it further in the 25th verse.

He calls it the essential quality of life. it is presence of shraddha that allows us to appreciate the beauty of poetic words, or the magic of a painting. Even if we were listen to something mundane like an imagined insult of a friend we should listen to it with shraddha that is the importance of it.  It is this quality that reveals to us the true meaning of the Guru says.

Interestingly Guruji mentioned, that we will internalize only what our shraddha lets us, that is only what we pay attention to.

Sastrasya guruvakyasya satyabuddhyavadharana

Sa sraddha kathika sadhiryyaya vastuphalabyate.

That by which one understands the exact import of scriptures as well as the pregnant words of advice of the preceptor is called sraddha by the wise. By this alone does reality manifest clearly.

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