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  • Some Thoughts As Over Teacher’s day

    Some Thoughts As Over Teacher’s day

    Imagine that every person in the world is enlightened but you. They are all your teachers, each doing just the right things to help you learn perfect patience, perfect wisdom, perfect compassion. Gautama Buddha

  • Mumuksutva


    Mumuksutva – VivekaChudamani 27 Sri Adi Shankaracharya talks of three essential qualities for self realization. Discriminating capacity to separate real from the unreal. The capacity to detach ourselves from the attachment to the result. Calmness, self control inner peace forbearance. He then talks of another quality Mumuksutva which the acharya calls a s the true…

  • Samadhana Viveka Chudamani

    Samadhana Viveka Chudamani

    Samadhana – Viveka Chudamani 26 In our day to day conversation, I have heard and used the word samadhana it is usually used in the sense of consoling. Sometimes people of the older generation have used as finding resolution. Samadhani was person who was non-aggressive. The imagery and understanding somewhere along the way became a…

  • Viveka chudamani 25 Shraddha.

    Viveka chudamani 25 Shraddha.

    Shraddha Viveka Chudamani 25 One of the many discourses at the Audoot ashram in Kurushetra, guruji had spoken about Shraddha. To quote Guruji, he said the word had many intonation and blind faith was definitely not one. Shraddha meant comittement, shraddha meant focus, shraddha meant paying attention.  When we place our shraddha in something only…

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    Cittasya suddhaya karma na tu vastupaladbhaye Vastu siddi vicharena kincitkaramakotibhih. ~ VC-16 Selfless work and charity helps to purify the mind, but do not by themselves contribute to the perception of reality. This perception of  reality is only brought about by discriminative analysis. And never by count of action. Vedanta or the guide to understanding…