Samadhana Viveka Chudamani

Samadhana – Viveka Chudamani 26

In our day to day conversation, I have heard and used the word samadhana it is usually used in the sense of consoling. Sometimes people of the older generation have used as finding resolution. Samadhani was person who was non-aggressive. The imagery and understanding somewhere along the way became a quality which was glorified so that people become insensate to failure and insults. They were people who passively accepted all. but Sri Adi Shankaracharya defines Samadhana as equilibrium or poise. It was about finding the balance.

Not being unperturbed or numb, it is realizing that we are perturbed and finding out why has our balance been disturbed? And coming back to balance. Let’s say,

I am getting disturbed by my neighbour…

I’m disturbed by neighbour because …

As we reach the core we understand what is the fragility in us that the neighbour has triggered. Once we address that we are back into our balance.

Sarvada sthapanam buddheh suddhe brahmani sarvatha

Tatsamadhamiyuktam na tu cittasya lalanam


Samadhana is that condition when the mind is constantly engage in total contemplation of the supreme reality and not gained through any amount of intellectual oscillation.

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